Nunapalooza: Religious Life is Alive and Well

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The convent was abuzz this weekend with celebrations of all sorts! And not just among my own nuns but it seems it was a nunapalooza for many congregations! My Facebook newsfeed was filled with photos and links and congrats to sisters celebrating their jubilees as well as to women professing vows, being received as novices, and entering as candidates and postulants!

Experiencing God and My Sisters at Nunapalooza

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It's difficult to put into words fully what the experience was like personally. For me, it was both an experience of intense sisterhood and also an encounter with God. It was at once deeply communal and deeply personal.

Moving Into a Contemplative Stance at Nunapalooza

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This is one of my favorite weeks of the whole year which I affectionately call Nunapalooza because all of the sisters and associates in my IHM Community come home to Monroe, Michigan, for Community Days and Jubilee. Community Days is the few days before Jubilee where we gather to pray, reflect, and be with one another. Together with Jubilee, it is like a total immersion into the very heart of the community and of our mission in God. What's so amazing about Community Days is it's like a snapshot of the contemplative stance we try to live day in and day out as Catholic sisters.

Gearing up for Nunapalooza

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It happens once a year — the greatest party ever! At the end of every July my nuns get together to celebrate Jubilee, that is, milestone anniversaries of becoming an IHM Sister. Here’s more one what the Jubilee mass is like and a little Jubilee video I took a couple years ago on Jubilee. The video features a chance encounter with a Jubilarian that year, Sister Anita.

AS045 Ask Sister – gifts for nuns, thoughts and God, the “right” religious community

  • Can all these thoughts I’m having really be an invitation from God?
  • Which religious community is for me?
  • Why did you want to become a nun?
  • Why did you choose IHM as your community?
  • What is an appropriate gift to a nun celebrating her diamond jubilee? (see also 7 Ideas for Giving Gifts to Nuns)
  • Why do some Catholics not like the philosophers Kant and Descartes?

AS037 Ask Sister – lies and sins, women Doctors of the Church, having a religious life without being a nun, weekend with the IHM Sisters

  • If a nun or a sister goes along with what she knows to be a lie, what is her sin?
  • How does a person become a Doctor of the Church and why are there so few women recognized as Doctors of the Church?
  • If it’s not possible for me to become a nun, what kind of religious life can I have other than being part of my church choir and handbell chorus and attending Mass regularly?
  • Can you tell us about your weekend at the IHM Motherhouse for Jubilee and Final Profession?

AS017 Ask Sister – prefixes and suffixes, vocation confusion, discernment help, nun gifts

  • What does the prefix “Sr.” stand for and the initials after a nun’s name?
  • I’ve always thought about getting married and having kids, but I’m kind of drawn to becoming a nun. Help! I’m really confused!
  • Who helped you as you thought about becoming a sister?
  • May I give a gift to a nun for her diamond jubilee?
  • How long before you felt at home in the convent?
  • How long did it take you between your initial ‘discernment’ and your actual first vows?

IHM Jubilarians

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I would love for you to get a feel of what Jubilee is like and who our women are. Here’s a flavor!

Jubilee 2007

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I just returned home after spending a few days in Monroe, Michigan, with my IHM Sisters. On July 28 the Monroe IHM sisters all came together to celebrate Jubilee. A Jubilee is the anniversary of when a sister entered or professed vows in her religious community.

Jubilee 2006

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On July 29, 2006, the Monroe IHM sisters all came together to celebrate Jubilee. A Jubilee is the anniversary of when a sister entered or professed vows in her religious community. casavant, community, ihm, jubilee

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