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AS156 Ask Sister - Motherhouse Road Trip with the Oblate Sisters of Providence: Hound of Heaven, Providence provides, a perplexing God

  •  Encounters with the “Hound of Heaven”
  • Fear and excitement in the discernment journey
  • Mother Mary Lange, OSP foundress, at the oratory
  • In the footsteps of Mother Lange in education
  • Rewards and challenges of religious life
  • Providence provides
  • The presence of Jesus
  • When God seems to change the direction of our lives
  • Embracing differences in religious life and the world
  • Discernment advice

NUN — What’s the first thing that comes to mind?

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What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “nun”? Risk-takers? Innovators? Entrepreneurs?

OSP Sisters and the 3 IHM Communities

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Recently I was asked what the difference is between the IHM Sisters of Monroe, Michigan, and the IHM Sisters of Immaculata, Pennsylvania. There’s no easy answer to this, especially since there’s also a third IHM community, the IHM Sisters of Scranton, Pennsylvania, plus the Oblate Sisters of Providence, the original community of one of our IHM founders. So I’m throwing them all into the mix here too!

NUNDAY Sister Josella de los Rios, OSP

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Thank you to those who have been sending in photos of Catholic Sisters and Nuns. Keep them coming! Today’s Nunday photo comes from the Oblate Sisters of Providence of Baltimore, Maryland.

NUNDAY Sister Michele Denton, IHM

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Today’s Nunday photo and story come from a recent visit of IHM Sisters to Haiti. The IHM Sisters of Monroe together with the Oblate Sisters of Providence, the Immaculata IHMs, and the Scranton IHMs, have a corporate commitment to care for the people of Haiti.

NUNDAY Sister Marcia Hall, OSP

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Nunday is here! And we’ve got some cool stuff today. The Oblate Sisters of Providence are featured in the December 2008 issue of Ebony magazine! RUN, don’t walk, to your nearest convenience store and pick up a copy! The story and photos are fabulous.

Abandonment to Divine Providence

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Providentia providebit. Providence provides. I learned the phrase from the Oblate Sisters of Providence when I first met them over 10 years ago. As I’ve gotten to know them through the years, heard their stories, worked side by side with them, and listened to how Providence is alive in their lives and congregation, my own spirituality and indeed how I see my IHM life and tradition has grown, helping me to see that Providence pervades my whole life.

NUNDAY IHM Founders Day

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Today is November 10, 2008, the 163rd anniversary of the founding of the IHM Congregations — Monroe IHMs from Monroe, Michigan (my community); Scranton IHMs; and Immaculata IHMs (both of Pennsylvania). Our congregations were begun by Mother Theresa Maxis Duchemin and Father Louis Florent Gillet, CSsR (Redemptorist priest).

Returning to Our Foundation

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Yesterday I listened to the broadcast of the conversation between Sister Marie Pappas, CR, and myself on the “Pathways to Learning” program on Sirius Radio’s The Catholic Channel #159. Strange to listen to oneself. Never quite sounds like yourself.

Hanging out with Nuns

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This past weekend I had the honor of being part of a gathering of the Oblate Sisters of Providence and the 3 Immaculate Heart of Mary congregations (Monroe, Scranton, Immaculata). We met at the Immaculata Motherhouse in Pennsylvania. From Chicago this should be a mere 2 hour flight. But due to mechanical problems, our plane was delayed 7 hours (yes, 7 hours).


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