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Religious Garb and Habit

How to Make a Nun’s Habit

Blog Published: March 24, 2008

Over the last year I’ve received requests from folks about how to make habits and where to find sewing patterns and fabric. I’m hoping that you might have some suggestions for me to pass along to these folks.

Nuns: Perceptions and Assumptions

Blog Published: May 28, 2007

It is not often that I feel compelled to respond to someone’s comment in an actual post. But a recent comment touches on nun issues that I hear from folks from time to time. I am grateful for those who articulate how they feel about nuns even when it takes the form of respectful criticism. Your feedback is important and helps us nuns to reflect seriously on our ministry and life and on how people perceive us.

What does it mean to be Counter-cultural?

Blog Published: April 29, 2009

Yesterday’s post on the question Is the habit the answer to vocations recruitment? drew a lot of discussion and perspectives. I want to pull out of there an interesting sub-conversation about what it means to be counter-cultural.

Habits Revisted

Blog Published: December 20, 2006

In my post TIME magazine article on nuns, veils, and blogs, Hans wrote a thoughtful comment about habits and his experience with the habit. He aptly notes that the modern view on habits is quite mixed.

Habits: Standard Issue Nun Gear??

Blog Published: August 10, 2006

In an earlier post I reflected on the question of what makes a nun different. One thing that in the past has set nuns apart from others is the habit.

RNC - In the movie The Sound of Music, do you like the way the nuns are portrayed?

Podcast Recorded: August 25, 2011

This Random Nun Clip is from Ask Sister podcast episode 81. Hear the full podcast at AS081.

A Nun

Thoughts on Habits

Blog Published: May 2, 2008

While the habit does not make the nun, it is a part of religious life.

RNC - What's the nun stance on veiling and mantillas at Mass?

Podcast Recorded: March 18, 2011

This Random Nun Clip is from Ask Sister podcast episode 64. Hear the full podcast at AS064.

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