Catholic priests are bountiful in the Strand family of Wisconsin. Luke and Jake are already ordained priests and Vincent is in formation with the Jesuits. This is a heartening story about how these young men felt drawn to the Gospel, outreach, and faith … and how each in their own way wrestled with and embraced their unique path to becoming priests and a Jesuit.

I love the honesty of the parents in talking about their children and their decisions as well as how they stress, “no we really are a normal family!” Society is so quick to think that any kind of call to faith or service or consecrated life or ordained life must somehow mean that there’s something fishy going on — dysfunctional family, out-of-touch with reality, unhealthy religious tendencies, or some other crazy aberration.

Strand SiblingsAnd imagine how their sister feels with three ordained brothers! While some have joked that that must mean she’s going to become a nun (she’s married, by the way), Theresa keeps it real saying, nothing has changed with her older brothers. “I think they swear more than I do,” she said. Yep, it’s definitely a normal family!

Check out the story by Carrie Antlfinger of the Associated Press that is making its way across the media — here’s her article at the Huffington Post.

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