Donate NowTime for a mashup of awe-inspiring saints and cute furry animals! During this week of the "Saints and Animals and Sisters, Oh My!" fundraiser, we're calling on the Communion of Saints to join in our efforts to continue the good work that the Spirit began 8 years ago when A Nun's Life Ministry came into existence! And you can never go wrong with cute furry animal pictures!

Chloe the Convent CatToday we are featuring nun other than Saint Gertrude of Nivelles who is the patron saint of cats. I had very little choice in who to feature as Chloe the Convent Cat is a force to be reckoned with!

I was hoping to find out that Saint Gertrude was the archetypal cat lady with cats cuddling all around her, perhaps one or two under her veil. However! It seems that, due to the attractiveness of living in a monastery, mice and rats often took up residence. Apparently Gertrude was known to keep cats in the convent in order to "encourage" these little scurrying creatures to find another spiritual home.

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Saint Gertrude with cats by Barbara Barratt

Saint Gertrude in stone relief on a canal in Utrecht; photo by Kattenkruid

Saint Gertrude With Cats and Mice Silhouette by natamon on Etsy