Moving TruckWe have always know the Holy Spirit was in the lead of A Nun’s Life Ministry. Our role has been to keep up with where the Spirit is taking us. When the Spirit pointed us in the direction of Toledo, Ohio, we were a little surprised!

Sure we knew that the ministry was expanding like loaves and fishes but we only had one basket! It’s difficult to fit an 8-channel mixer, a 5-drawer steel file cabinet, and 3 desks in a single basket!

So when we started looking for a new space, we went out with an open mind, took in all the possibilities, and found ourselves in Toledo, Ohio!

So really, why Toledo?

  • We can say “Holy Toledo” all the time.
  • We’ll be at the edge of the Great Black Swamp, a glacially-caused wetland in northwest Ohio.
  • An homage to Teresa of Avila who journeyed from her home in Avila to set up a new monastery in Toledo, Spain.
  • Because we can go to Tony Packo’s, famous hotdogs made even more famous by Jamie Farr, a.k.a., Corporal Max Klinger on M*A*S*H*.

Oh, yeah, and a divine office that is the answer to our prayers!

Since our move will take place the second and third week of April, you can expect to see lots of moving footage as well as a couple paint-splattered nuns. We also plan to do a “moving edition” of Ask Sister to capture all the joys and tribulations of moving. If you are on Facebook, be sure to “Like” us at where you’ll find regular real-time updates. The ministry will continue even through the move with regular blog posts, forum conversations, chat, and Praying with the Sisters.

Please keep us in your prayers as we sort, pack, and move!