Who knew that my favorite beer would be newsworthy? Papers across the globe are fascinated with my comment about beer in the Chicago Tribune interview. Maybe I’ll get some endorsement requests from Harp. Or maybe I’ll start a beer column on my blog and review beers that people send to me! I am kidding, though it is tempting.

I know it is surprising to many people, but even religious folk tilt a glass now and again. Please understand, I am not talking about abuse of alcohol which is not good for anyone; just the occasional enjoyment of the fruits of the earth. Beer is no stranger to the monastery or convent. In fact there are monks who have a venerable tradition of making beer. Check out this article on the abbey of Saint Sixtus of Westvleteran in Belgium.

Generally alcohol is not prohibited in the Catholic tradition or in religious communities in particular. Individual communities or persons may choose to not partake of alcoholic beverages for their own reasons. There is no problem either way.

Other than Harp, I’d have to say Upper Canada and Bell’s (a Michigan brewery) rank up there for me. I also like to try whatever is local wherever I happen to be traveling or something that is exotic and difficult to come by. My siblings and I also enjoy Genesee beer (“Genny”) because it’s a hometown favorite. I am also always on the lookout for a good “non-alcoholic” beer like Labatts Nordic, Molsen Excel and St. Pauli N.A. Did you know that there are even gluten-free beers for those who are inclined by necessity? One of the best restaurants I've ever been too with good beer is The Brickskeller in Washington, DC. Their beer list is phone book sized.

Well, that’s about it on beer. I’ll end this post with a good beer quote (you had to know this was coming) …

“Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.”
~ Benjamin Franklin (supposedly)