Mostly, this is my story–what it is like for me to be Catholic nun, that is, a member of a Catholic religious community of women. It’s also about nuns (or sisters … the distinction between the two will be addressed in a future post) in general, how we are portrayed in the media, and who we are “for real.” I have been very fortunate to develop friendships with many nuns, and it is through them that I have come to better know myself and this crazy thing called religious life (more on the meaning of “religious life” in future posts).

Being a nun has not always been my lifelong goal. When I was growing up, I did not dress up as a nun for Halloween. When I was a young, impressionable Catholic school girl, I did not secretly (or otherwise) pine for the veils, habits, odd religious names, and overall mystique of the nuns who taught me. The whole “nun” thing kind of snuck up on me when I wasn’t paying much attention. I absolutely love being a nun. It’s what makes me who I am and helps me to be the best person I can be for God, the Church, and the world.

A Nun’s Life is intended to be an open forum — in terms of both my musings and your comments. Please write to me about how being a nun or knowing a nun has impacted your life. Keep us posted on nuns in literature, the media, popular culture, or current events. Although the focus is on being a Catholic nun, I also welcome perspectives from nuns in other Christian or religious traditions.