Advent 2013 - Isaiah 9:2 A Nun's LifeAdvent is one of my most favorite liturgical seasons. There is such hope, anticipation, pregnancy, and delight! I am especially keyed into the new life aspect as my family just celebrated the arrival of my beautiful niece, Scarlett.

One of the reasons I love Advent so much is because it reminds me of the moments in my own life when I have felt new life emerging within me and around me. I light up with the memories of what it felt like ...

  • when I nervously awaited a note back from the person who would be my prom date
  • when I was waiting to hear back from my college applications
  • when I contacted the nonprofit I wanted to work for and asked for an interview
  • when I went to a discernment retreat with the congregation that would become my nuns
  • when I walked into the dojo for the first time to train in Shotokan karate
  • when I got the "all clear" following treatment for breast cancer
  • when I got the word that my brother and sister-in-law were headed in to the birthing center

As the liturgy, songs, and prayers of thisĀ Advent season unfold, they call forth these memories in different ways -- some come as discreet thoughts or emotions, others as stories, still others are felt viscerally just as strong now as they were then. With each one, I celebrate how God has been moving in my life and in the world and I eagerly await the grand celebration of new life that God has already gifted to us.

As Advent dawns anew, what memories are stirred from your own life? What images, words, prayers, or songs speak to you during this season?