We welcome guest blogger Sister Pat Aseltyne, IHM, on her "nun's life."

Greetings from my “nun’s life”, a life that has almost completed the journey (65 years of Vowed Commitment). Sister Julie and I belong to the same IHM Community. Sometimes we think that we must be at total peace before we can believe that the Spirit is with us. If this were so I would not be completing this amazing nun’s life journey.

My life has carried me far and near; from Monroe County, Michigan, where my father happened to have grown up to Chicago, Washington D.C., and back to Michigan. The best part of the journey has been relating to so many people in so many ways — as a teacher, a school principal, a counselor, and now as coordinator of an outreach program.

At present, I live and minister in Houston, Texas. My worship place is Rice University Catholic Student Chapel. My ministry place is with a small agency called Casa de Esperanza de los Niños (House of Hope for little children). The people I meet here are from economic extremes; the rich and the poor and the Casa staff in between. As we touch one another’s lives we get that feeling of wanting to become a part of life together. So, those who have an over abundance, wish to help us to help others who are under nourished in so many material ways. Most of the poor among us seem to have an inside track to the Heart of God where they find so much comfort in their dire circumstances.

The rich wish to connect with me because my life takes me into the midst of poverty; usually to places where most people do not wish to go. They know that I know who the needy are. The poor wish to connect with me because they know that I care about them and so there is a mutual love that inspires courage. I find it difficult to put this into words because the truth is so deep in our souls once we experience this mutual desire to see one another as equals – each in need of something that the other has and wishes to share.

As I think back on joys and struggles in life I realize the place of the Spirit. Most meaningful to me has always been Jesus’ word that he would send His Spirit to nourish our Spirit. Though we may seem old to others, we are still young in Spirit. I do have a quandary about why others expect us “oldsters” to slow down just because we keep adding numbers to our age. Remember the song, “Young at Heart”? That is exactly how most of us want to be perceived. So, please keep this in mind when you meet up with someone who looks like they are a little “withery” or “dithery” in mind or body or both.

What do you hear in Sister Pat’s words that can apply in your own life? What Word from Jesus or one of the saints or holy people of God nourishes you, inspires you?

* * *
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