When I entered the convent, I could never have imagined that one of my main tools for serving God's mission would be a computer! It's been well over 8 years now since my fingers started tapping away on the keyboard on a little blog called A Nun's Life with the humble purpose of giving voice to the experience of Catholic sisters and nuns -- from their own perspective! It's been great blogging with Sister Maxine and featuring sisters and nuns across congregations, spiritual traditions, geographies, and missions!

And now, aNunsLife.org has not only a blog but podcasts, chat, a library of articles, videos, and more. We're on social media too continuing our ministry of presence. It has been so awesome to follow the Holy Spirit on this adventure of A Nun's Life -- learning how to code websites, developing a theology for social media, ministering online, rewiring sound equipment, and more! We've provided a supportive online community for people discerning their vocation -- many have found their way home to religious life, to a particular ministry or relationship, and to other lifelong commitments!

We believe everyone has a vocation and should have available to them tools to discern and people to support them on their journey. We are delighted to have such a strong vocational community at A Nun's Life Ministry -- it is good for all of us!

You've probably heard that we just started a fundraiser for the ministry. We work hard at putting the fundraiser together because we are so grateful for your presence in this community and grateful for your support and encouragement.

We know that not everyone can donate money, but if you are able -- whether $5 or $5000 -- we make sure your gift goes a long way! It's very awkward asking for money, but we really do need your help. Our donors are essential to keeping this ministry up and running. Please partner with us by donating online now at aNunsLife.org/donate. You can also send in a check!

We hope that everyone will join in the fall fundraiser events! Our theme is "Saints and Animals and Sisters, Oh My!" -- check out all the fun stuff at Fundraiser HQ!

Many, many thanks!!