Need a Monday morning pick-me-up? Saint Paul rocks it out with an inspiring message to the community of Ephesus ... and to us!

It's never easy to face a Monday morning. It seems the work has been piling up over the weekend and it's time to hit the ground running! Fortified with coffee and scripture, I feel like I can take on anything today! Saint Paul has his fair share of "Mondays" I'm sure. Yet he could open himself to God's inspiriation and write these fantastic words which you can feel resonated deeply with him!

Be kind to one another, Ephesians 4-5Friends!
"Be kind to one another,
forgiving one another
as God has forgiven you in Christ.
Be imitators of God,
as beloved children,
and live in love ..."
(Eph 4:32-5:2)

What's not to love about this day? Surely we may face contrarieties -- some small, some large. But, what if we commit to this simple (yes, difficult at times, but utterly simple) invitation to be kind, to be compasionate, to live in love? Can we make that the manner in which we go about our day today?

Go get yourself some compassion and light and love this day! -- The Good News is that God is already with you and opening the door!

Art: Christina Alejandro @ calej d'art