I always wanted to be an altar server. But when I was a kid, only boys were allowed to be altar servers. By the time parishes could have girls as altar servers, it was too late for me. I was a teenager and the thought of marching around in a white robe that would hide my very cool outfits did not really appeal to me. Plus I wasn’t going to be caught dead in an altar server class with a bunch of little kids.

But now, many years later, I still secretly (well, not so secretly anymore) desire to be an altar server.

I thought this dream of mine had escaped me, but going to Mass two weekend ago changed all that. I was in Monroe to see my nuns. On Saturday night we went to church together. There were a bunch of other nuns and friends there so we chit chatted before Mass. Then, like a vision, two women in white albs swooped by on their way to the back of church to begin the opening procession. What??? I was stunned and thought they must be angels for surely they were not altar servers. But they really were altar servers! Wow, I thought, perhaps all is not lost for this dream of mine. I might yet still be an altar server, and get the (now more fashionable) outfit to boot! I beamed at the two women for the whole Mass. I had never seen adult women in albs as altar servers (though I do now know that parishes, especially those in which there are few children available for this ministry, have women servers). They did a great job and brought such a good energy to the Mass. You could tell they were new at it because the lector was constantly pointing out where they needed to be and what they had to do. So anyways, I was very proud of these two women. They helped me remember my dream of old and that it’s never too late!