I have a cavity. There, I’ve said it. I’m not proud of it, but it’s there so now I have to deal with it. I have never, ever had a cavity. In fact until my most recent dental appointment, I never really knew what a cavity actually meant. “Ohhh, cavity as in cavity,” I said with astonishment finally realizing that the word is not just some esoteric medical term used to describe a bad tooth. It actually refers to what it actually is, a giant hole in my tooth.

I have been blessed with good teeth. In fact, I’m one of those rare people who has permission from her dental hygienist to floss only 3 times a week because my teeth are in such good shape. So where the heck did this cavity come from? My dentist assured me it has nothing to do with any act of omission or commission on my part. It has to do with the fact that I had braces many moons ago.

Doctor Teeth is the leader of the muppets band The Electric Mayhem. He has a gold tooth claimed to be fashioned by melting down his gold records.Well no matter. What’s done is done. Today at 11:15 a.m. I’ll be sitting in the dentist’s office waiting for my cavity to be carved out and filled. I generally don’t mind my trips to the dentist, but this one has got me on edge. Hope they put me in the far back room so that the little kids don’t hear me scream.

Since I’m having a filling, I figured it’d be like one of those big gleaming gold ones, something kind of hip and cool. I thought that might add to my mystique as a nun. But sadly, the dentist said it’s silver or white. I decided I’m going with silver. I think it’d be cool if I can pick up an extra radio station or two!