It is 6:21 a.m. West Coast time, and I am a tired nun. Sister Maxine and I are in Oakland, California, after 8.5 hours of traveling (1 car, 2 planes, 2 shuttles, a broken People Mover and a broken elevator) plus an hour wait to check-in at the hotel last night. The good news is that the plane ride was awesome. It is truly amazing to see the various landscapes of our country — the vast plains etched by farmlands, the magnificent Rocky Mountains, the desert, and then the hills rolling into the ocean. Our flight from LAX to Oakland took us right along the Pacific coast. Simply beautiful.

Today Sister Maxine and I are going to head to Muir Woods to do some hiking. Last time I was here I visited Muir Woods for the first time — and then made the sisters take me there a second time before I left because I so loved it there. It’s a forest chock full of redwoods. It is like being in a cathedral with the height of the trees and the palpable sense of God’s presence. Will post more tomorrow about our adventures.

For now, I’m preparing for a presentation that I am giving about blogging and using social media for non-profits and for ministry. Sister Maxine is also at work on her thesis. She very generously gave me the desk to work on while she took the ironing board and set it up as her makeshift desk. A very industrious nun that Sister Maxine!