Holy Toledo has quite a light show for the holidays! This past weekend we took the nun mobile out for a roll around town to see the lights. We found two spectacular light shows — Light-a-Palooza by a home owner near Olde Town and Lights Before Christmas at the Toledo Zoo. We love the tradition of lighting up the night during the holidays and saw many displays with Christmas themes, Hanukkah themes, winter themes, and random themes of shiny goodness (what is not to love about a giant lighted-up Winnie the Pooh?).

What makes us decorate our homes, build life-size nativity scenes on our front lawns, and dangle precariously from rooftops to get the perfect drape of the rope of lights?

Lights at Toledo ZooEver since the tradition of putting lit candles in trees (not a very safe tradition, we might add), people have been fascinated by lighting up their trees, houses, and anything that moves slow enough to throw some decorations on! It gives a sense of joy, of awe, of light in the darkness, of something mysteriously good afoot.

And so we bring you some of our favorite finds around Toledo. We’ve got a bunch more on our Pinterest page too! Enjoy!