This past weekend I spent a chunk of time weeding out my wardrobe — it’s not quite spring cleaning as it is most definitely still winter. But the closet was looking a little too full for my desire to live simply.

The living simply thing is important to me for a few reasons — one, I really don’t need or want a lot of stuff. Two, I don’t like being attached to stuff (as compelling as stuff can be). Three, the more clutter there is around me, the more constricted I feel (even if subconscously) and that’s not a good way to be when you want to be free to go where God calls you to go.

So back to the closet … I ended up horrifying myself because I generally thought that I had a basic number of clothing items — but oh no. Once I piled everything up on the bed it was like Mount Everest! Where did all this stuff come from??? When things are scattered about in this or that drawer, in a closet, or (heaven forbid) tossed hither and yon, it’s tough to see how much you got. Now I’m no Imelda Marcos of clothes (not by a long shot), but I had way more than I thought and way more than I wanted to have. I think the problem is that I only wear about 20% of what I have so it feels like I don’t have a lot — and I’m good with not having lots of stuff. But I discovered this other 80% of things that were usable stuff but which I just didn’t rotate into the wardrobe.

So now that I have duly horrified myself with all this *stuff*, I’m determined to do something about it. I’ve got a system down. I weed out the stuff that I haven’t worn for a while and really don’t *need*. Then I neatly fold each piece and place them in a “give-away” bag. I put the bags in the porch and leave them there to “forget” about them for a few days. I do this because if one of those items was really important I could rescue it; otherwise if I don’t even think about it, I know it is time for it to go to a new home. Within a week, I take the bags over to the thrift store and I’m done!

What are some ways that you practice (or want to practice) living simply?