You know how it goes -- you get a new piece of furniture, a new plant or painting and then EVERYTHING in the room has to be rearranged. No matter how seemingly unobtrusive the item may be, it may feel like things just have to shift around and re-balance.

At Sunday liturgy at the Motherhouse of my IHM Sisters, we had a colossal shift of liturgical furnishings! We installed a new altar, ambo, candle stands, blessing font, and processional cross in honor of the 75th anniversary of our chapel being built. Appropriately enough, the day also coincided with the Feast of the Dedication of Saint John Lateran -- the mother of all churches, literally and figuratively -- and the vigil of our IHM founding on November 10!

So what happens when new liturgical furnishings come in?? Do all the pews and statues have to move around?? (I like to imagine all the statues walking around at night checking out the new fixtures and rearranging everything before the nuns come in before morning prayer!)

While in some chapels or churches rearrangements may need to happen, the major rearrangement happens inside us! I was blown away at how different I felt inside as we prayed through that first mass with the new liturgical furniture.

I felt a sense of coming home, of warmth and compassion, of stability and rootedness, of a renewed sense of mission. It's not that these weren't there before, but the spirit of our community gathered that day, the beauty of the furniture made lovingly from sustainably harvested ash by Richard Helgeson.

As we as a congregtion and I as an individual sister move forward, I am looking forward to seeing how the God will continue to "rearrange" us! How has a new plant or lamp stand or piece of furniture changed you?