It is wonderful to hear the birds chirping again and to see the sun early in the morning. Perhaps spring is here, though in Chicago we are always fearful of yet another snow storm.

I’ve been out riding my bicycle a few times, but need to change over my knobby tires for slicks so that I can use my bike for commuting. Though knobbies aren’t such a bad idea seeing as how there are potholes left, right, and center on Chicago streets. It certainly makes for a challenging commute! I’ve got to get out the degreaser, lube, and tools and tune up my bike — maybe this weekend.

I also have to get my little garden going — basil, scallions, parsley, garlic, chives, and peppermint (if I can find some). I had a good crop last year although the squirrels wrecked a bunch of it. Had to put wiring over the pots so the little guys couldn’t dig into the dirt.

Though I’m not doing a triathlon this year, I think I’m going to continue my weekly ritual of riding down to the beach, swimming a half mile and then riding back home. It is truly exhilarating to swim in Lake Michigan. You see the open water one one side and the beautiful skyline on the other (once I was gazing too much that I swam into another swimmer! very funny since Lake Michigan is not exactly small!).

And of course spring cleaning needs to happen. I’m still on a quest to simplify, simplify, simplify. I think it is good for my soul even though I tend to want to hang on to stuff (you just never know when you or someone else might need it!).

This morning I’m treating myself to breakfast at Starbucks …. yummmm! I don’t do this very often, but every once in a while, it’s a nice treat. So, on that note, I’m going to stop here, pack my work bag, and get going! Coffee awaits!