On today’s bike ride meditation, I took a country road and thought about God’s good creation, and how we are part of that. I meditated on the second account of creation in Genesis (Gen 2: 4-17), where God creates the human from the earth. Then God breathes the breath of life into the human.

Breathing is a creative act by God, one that I’m really grateful for as I bike, and as I live for that matter! So for today, I will be especially conscious of how I am God’s breath in the world. I will try to be a stellar representative of the Good Creation all day, in all my words and actions. That’s easier to do sometimes than others. So, if I’m tempted to be impatient waiting in a line somewhere, or to get frustrated if my work projects don’t go as expected, I’ll take a deep breath and remember how it feels to be part of the Good Creation.