Last week Sister Julie and I were in Chicago having lunch with some friends at public radio WBEZ. Afterward, we decided to take a spin on the giant Ferris wheel on Navy Pier. Neither of us had ridden it before. So, being a people of ritual and symbol, we were swept up in the spirit and got in line for the ride. About a quarter of the way around, we were reminded why Chicago is called the Windy City. The wind whooshed through our gondola, adding to the thrill of being 150 feet in the air. Somewhere in a gondola not far from ours, people were laughing and screaming at the same time. From atop the Ferris wheel, we had a new perspective on everything we saw.

It was the perfect ending to a lunch-time filled with conversation about new ideas. Since then, I’ve come to realize that the ride isn’t actually over. Now when I think about new ideas, I think about the Ferris wheel and the thrill (and scariness…) of looking at things from a new perspective, from a place I’ve never been before. For me, new perspectives are a source of revelation about myself and the world, and of the unending marvels of God’s good Creation.

What experiences have had special meaning for you in your life? What new perspectives did they offer?