A guest blog post by friend and broadcast colleague Audra

One day while reading a bible passage on the Internet I noticed that the particular Gospel story started with the word “now”. I thought it was peculiar to start a story- mostly written in the past tense- with the word “now”.

I started to say “now” over and over again and reflected on what it meant. Then it hit me- maybe the Gospel writers (or it’s translators) wanted to put Jesus’ acts in our everyday life. For me, putting “now” into the story breathes life into the Gospels. It makes me realize Jesus’ mission on earth - to spread the Good News and serve others - didn’t stop when he rose from the dead.

It also puts me touch with the whole human family. Like right NOW someone in our human family is clothing the naked; right NOW someone is feeding the hungry; right NOW someone is visiting a prisoner in jail…and so on.

They are breathing the life of Jesus into this world.

Even though few of us rarely get the chance to participate or see these activities there are simple examples of people breathing Jesus’ life in to this world now.

For example, right now, someone is writing a kind word to a friend on Facebook.
Right now, someone smiles and waves to an old neighbor as he goes for his daily walk.

In what ways have you seen or participated in breathing Jesus’ life into our daily world now?

Audra is a professional weather girl for a radio station in western Illinois. She is also an avid polka fan and sometimes author of the blog theawkwardcatholic.blogspot.com.