Yesterday while chilling (literally and figuratively) at the convent, I started thinking about all the stuff I have yet to do -- emails to answer, events to plan, people to be in touch with, check books to balance -- and it got too real for what was supposed to be a relaxing Sunday! I needed a break from my break so I popped onto Facebook to listen in on the pre-Super-Bowl buzz. My feeling of being overwhelmed increased, rather than decreased, when I realized I forgot to update our NL Facebook page.

Sisters Joyce and Gabe at the IHM MotherhouseBut then a new notification popped up, I clicked, and in a single moment I was looking at a snapshot of two of my beloved nuns, Sister Joyce and Sister Gabe.

The snapshot isn't anything spectacular and in fact it's a bit out of focus, and my nuns are blurred as they busily preparing for the Super Bowl party at the Motherhouse.

But to me it's the Best. Snapshot. Ever. God bless the photographer!

Now if anybody ever tells you that God doesn't work through technology or social media, you tell them God is in ALL THINGS and that little FB post was one of God's most beautiful gifts to me.

It wasn't just text or an image -- bits of code, packets of information -- it was a symbol that brought to me instantly the felt presence of two of my dearest friends. I could hear them and feel their comfort and encouragement. This is a part of community in religious life, just like it is in a family or a relationship or group formed around common, deeply-felt values.

My nuns sustain me, through thick and thin, whether physically present or with me in spirit wherever I am. This day I give thank for my nuns and for all the people and critters in our life who can -- in a snap -- heal us, make us whole, bring us peace.

Grace FTW!

FTW = For the win!