Kitchen FloorLife offers all sorts of guiding metaphors, however odd they may be. So for today –a kitchen floor metaphor for the spiritual life. This morning, a contractor is coming over to measure the kitchen floor and, later this week, replace it. The current floor is made up of 12-inch square ceramic tiles, or pieces thereof. What happened is that a couple years ago the subfloor was incorrectly installed. So gradually the tiles on the surface began to shift and buckle, creating a mosaic effect in a few places. Plus it creates pressure on the tiles, so if you happen to step in just the right place, the tile cracks underneath you. A sign of power, or of the need for a diet? Hmmm.

Anyway, back to the metaphor. The floor situation made me think about things that are just below the surface of daily life, like beliefs and assumptions. The spiritual subfloor, like its kitchen counterpart, isn’t immediately visible to the eye. But it affects the whole of life. At times when I could have been more patient or listened more attentively to someone, I try to think about the issues that may be underneath those things and how I can address them. Every day, I can look at what’s going on at the surface of my life – how I respond to people, what my thought patterns are, etc. – and see where the spiritual subfloor might need some tending to.

What metaphor for the spiritual life does your daily life offer? I’d love to hear about them!