Last week I had the pleasure of talking with Sister Marie Pappas, CR (Sisters of the Resurrection), host of the program “Pathways of Learning” on The Catholic Channel #159 on Sirius Radio.

Sister Marie PappasSister Marie Pappas is the Superintendent of Schools of the Archdiocese of New York with responsibilities for the education of more than 107,000 students in the largest Catholic school system in the nation. She is a Sister of the Resurrection [New York Province], the only order of women religious that, as Sister Marie likes to say “was founded by a mother and her daughter.” Sister has an MA in Religious Education from the Angelicum in Rome, as well as a P.D. in Religious Education and has taught and lectured at the Notre Dame Pontifical Institute and at the Catechetical Conference of Franciscan University in Steubenville, Ohio. Sister thinks of Pathways of Learning as a “nationwide conversation about life’s larger lessons.” Conversations include finding God in today’s movies, girl bullies, if and what American teenagers think about God, whether kids are suffering from homework overkill, and the threats faced by Catholics living in the Middle East war zone. (source)

We spent an hour together discussing how we became nuns, what it’s like being a nun today, and my blog, A Nun’s Life. Because of our difference in age (Sister Marie entered around Vatican II, and I entered around Y2K) we brought varying perspectives to what it was like to decide to become a nun, wear a habit, minister, live in community, and many other things. What was remarkable was how much we had in common (though from different generations and different communities) and how it seemed as if I’ve known Sister Marie my whole life (this interview was our very first meeting). I admire Sister Marie, the work she is doing and the beautiful way that she lives her religious life. Sister Marie is definitely “A Nun You Should Know”.

The show airs tomorrow (Tues, Oct 23) from 1-2 p.m. (eastern standard time) on Sirius. If you don’t have Sirius you can start a free 3-day trial and listen via the Sirius Internet Radio (