Last night Sister Maxine and I went to a free taping of the National Public Radio show Wait, Wait … Don’t Tell Me at the outdoor Wait, wait … don’t tell me!Pritzker Pavilion in Millennium Park in Chicago. The entertaining weekly news quiz show is hosted by Peter Sagal with scorekeeper Carl Kasell. The panelists were Mo Raca, Paula Poundstone, and Tom Bodett. They also had on the show the legendary baseball player Moose Skowron who today is a community relations representative for the White Sox.

As if all that was not entertaining enough, Chicago was beseiged by rain for the whole day and night yesterday. Having arrived early to get seats, my nun and I crouched beneath umbrellas, Starbucks in hand, for a good long time until the kindly people of Millennium Park allowed us to come up front where only the first few rows had some shelter from the rain. The yearly recording in Millennium Park normally sees 10,000 plus people, but this night it was just a few hundred wet but friendly people.

Wait, wait … don’t tell me!Moose Skowron was a delight and told story after story. He made the 1961 Yankees team come alive and his comparisons between players today and players in his day was hilarious. If I had my own radio show, I’d be sure to have him on.

Hmmm … if I did have my own radio show, who else would you like to see me interview and why? Sky’s the limit! Respond below in the comments section.