Last night we live-tweeted the PBS show “Call the Midwife" which we’ve been doing since last year. It’s a lot of fun to connect with other people watching the show at the same time. It's an awesome show that features nurses trained as midwives and a religious community of Anglican nuns set in the 1950s and 60s in London.

The show has great writers, and I am always finding myself writing down quotes from the show. In last night's episode (no spoilers ahead), one of the characters that nurse Patsy is tending to says in regard to hardships in life, "Next time there's a storm, you need to leave open both doors."

That's not bad advice for facing hardships (I can't comment on that in terms of an actual storm!). Sometimes I think we hunker down so much when we are in pain or suffering or deal with tough situations that we seal ourselves off from the world -- not allowing the suffering an opening out nor allowing help from outside in. The other day I was working with some nuns in the basement of the Motherhouse. It was hot and a bit stuffy. We opened a nearby window and then one on the other side of the basement and got a lovely cross breeze. Took the stale air out and blew in the fresh air!

When you are in that tough spot, take a moment to identify the windows. Maybe it's a couple of friends, or a change in behavior or thought pattern. Maybe it's grounding yourself in something (or Someone!) bigger than yourself. Knowing where the openings are doesn't necessarily change what's happening, but it can give way to a new way of being in the midst of the storm.

Photo source: Day to Day Life of a Very Lazy Gardener