Photos of Catholic sisters and nuns are difficult to come by here in the World Wide Web. The Internet collection of nun photos is abysmal. We are tired of looking for images and coming up with caricatures of nuns and erotica. Neither speak the truth about the women who are Catholic sisters and nuns or about the vocation of religious life.

With your help, we want to change the face of nun imagery on the web. Our goal is two-fold: provide a repository of images for all to see and use, and get a glimpse of what nuns are like today from YOUR perspective. Who are the nuns that you see and know?

So here’s what you need to do:

  1. Email us a nun photo (can be one nun, many nuns, whatever). If your nun image is already online, send us a link. In either case, in order for us to post the picture for Nunday, we need your permission to distribute the photo and assurance that the persons in the photo are okay with having their image made public via the Internet.
  2. Write a few details about the photo such as the date and location taken, a description of the photo, and the name and congregation of the nun(s).
  3. Tell us your story in relation to the image. (e.g., Sister Gabriel was my 7th grade teacher and taught me how to do a handstand.)

It will be helpful for many people to have good, authentic images of Catholic sisters and nuns. What do you get back? First and foremost the satisfaction of beginning to change the face of nun imagery on the web. You also get your nun photograph published on a widely-read website for all to see!

While we may not be able to publish everything that is sent to me, we’ll do our best. We highly encourage all you religious communities to send stuff too.

And for everyone who has a blog or website or who comments on blogs, forums, online articles, etc.: the more you link to these authentic nun photos, the more the photos will be ranked higher which has the effect of pushing the other unsavory nun images to the back.

Together we can give the Internet real visual images of Catholic sisters and nuns. Join the Monday is Nunday movement!