A Nun's Life live broadcasts are open to everyone. You can tune in from any place you have internet access. We also have a chat room for you to use during the broadcast in order to connect with one another and with us.

If new to live broadcasts (sometimes called podcasts or webcasts), a webcast is like tuning into a radio program, but instead of broadcasting it on the airwaves, we broadcast it on our website. All you have to do is visit our website and make sure the volume on your computer is up. The format of this webcast is similar to a webinar where you can ask questions and interact with us and with our guest by using the chat room.

You can listen to the live broadcast at http://aNunsLife.org/live. We also have a chat room for you to use during the broadcast in order to connect with one another and with us.

Tips on Watching Live Streaming Video and Using Chat


Watching live video online is computer intensive — this means that it requires processing energy from your computer and bandwidth from your Internet.

A. Before you start watching the live video, make sure you close all other programs that are running in the background on your computer as well as any other windows or tabs that are open in your Internet browser.

B. In addition, make sure that your Internet connection has a download speed of 500kbps to 2Mbps. Anything on the lower range will cause you to not see the video or to have choppy or lagging video and audio. You can check your Internet speed at speedtest.net.


When the broadcast is live, it should begin playing automatically. Make sure the volume on your computer and on the podcast player is turned up. If you arrive before the livestream, you will see a screen with a previous podcast, and at 5pm Eastern, you'll need to refresh your screen.

Because the technology used to broadcast this event is free, you may see and hear an ad when you first tune in. Sometimes text ads cover the bottom of the video screen. If this happens, just click on the “X” button that appears in the right corner of the ad.

Click here to go to the On Air page now to see the video player.


In order to participate in the chat room, you will need to sign in by using your Facebook credentials or by using a Chatroll account. If you'd like to open a free Chatroll account, click here and then navigate back over to our chat and "on air" page. Once you have signed in, your name will be listed in the “chatroll” at the right of the chat room.

To type a message for others to see, click in the long white rectangle at the bottom of the chat box and start typing. When you are done typing, click on the “enter” key on your keyboard. Your message appears instantly for all to see in the chat room.

If you prefer to see the chat room next to (instead of below) the broadcast player, then try the following:

  • At the lower right-hand corner of the chat room, you'll see a volume icon and a pop-out icon:
  • When you click on the pop-out icon, it will create a separate Internet browser window with the chat box in it. Move the box around to your desired location! You can also resize the window.
  • You might also have to make the window with the video a little smaller so the two windows can sit next to each other.

Click here to go to the On Air page now to see the chat room.


For help outside the time of a live broadcast, please use our contact form. Immediately before and during a podcast, please use the chat room for assistance. There will be people in the chat room at that time who can help.