A Nun's Life Ministry is at the service of the online community and Catholic sisters and nuns. We offer a variety of services to help religious congregations, vocation-oriented organizations, and mission-driven nonprofits engage more fully with the online community.

Our goal is to help religious communities build online presence for mission, ministry, and membership. We tailor the services to fit your specific needs, resources, and budgets.

We work with religious communities and nonprofit organizations of many sizes. Whether you're new to the Internet or have lots of experience, we can help you take the next steps, from concept through implementation.

Here are some of the ways we can work with you!

Training and Workshops

With over ten years of experience in ministering online, A Nun's Life has the expertise to help your community and organization take the next steps to more fully engage the online community around your mission. For more information, visit our Training and Workshops page.


A Nun's Life Ministry has presented at national and regional conferences and in local venues on a variety of topics including the ministry of online engagement and navigating God's calling. For more information, visit our Presentations page.