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Blog Published: December 2, 2009

Today’s Gospel reading (Matthew 15:29-37) is a powerful story of Jesus healing people one after the other. Scripture tells us that Jesus simply went up a mountain and sat down. That’s all he did.

Finding God in Noise and Silence

Blog Published: May 29, 2012

Having moved recently, I am now keenly aware of the sounds in my new environment. Water dripping, air conditioning or heater running, floor creaks, bird calls, traffic in the distance, overhead light hums, and more!

Jesus Sends

Blog Published: February 4, 2010

In many ways we welcome the invitation to follow God, we are committed to living the Gospel of Jesus. And sometimes, that call is not as pretty as the calligraphied holy card tucked in our Bible.

Jesus Sends

What are you doing for others?

Blog Published: January 19, 2015

I've been sitting with it ever since and it seems to have raised more questions for me than answers!

Not just blessed, but happy

Blog Published: May 7, 2009

Today’s gospel reading is John 13:16-20. I was struck by the following verse because I don’t think I’d ever read or heard it in the Jerusalem Bible translation.

Like Grains of Sand

Blog Published: February 20, 2008

Mary Oliver’s poem “The Summer Day” has been following me around the past few days like a small child asking to be picked up and held for a while. Here are some of my thoughts …

On this day, and every day

Blog Published: October 11, 2010

Sunday’s gospel reading was the story of the Samaritan who returned to Jesus reminding me of course of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:30-37). The story is well known, but the implication for our lives is sometimes forgotten.

Retreat: Tuning into God

Blog Published: June 11, 2007

This morning’s Gospel reading comes from Matthew 5:1-12. Matthew tells us that Jesus saw crowds of people and, instead of staying with them, decided to climb the mountain. Now Jesus was known for his attention to the crowds; he could often be found in the midst of them teaching, healing, listening.