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Investigation of U.S. Catholic Religious Sisters

Blog Published: October 7, 2009

The investigation of women religious (aka Catholic sisters or Catholic nuns) in the United States has raised many questions and concerns since it was first announced earlier this year. Here at A Nun’s Life Ministry, we’ve received a number of questions ...

"Sisters" and "Light of Love": Two Films about Catholic Sisters

Blog Published: November 4, 2013

Over the past few months we've seen the release of two one-hour documentaries featuring Catholic sisters. The two films offer a view into the world of women's religious life. While there are some similarities between the documentaries -- both follow 5 Catholic sisters, both have the sisters themselves tell their story -- there is much diversity (good diversity!) such as how the sisters express their relationship with God, how they engage they world, how they view religious life, etc.

AS223 Ask Sister - sister-leaders, religious rings, habit rosaries, making vows vs. taking an oath of office

Podcast Recorded: August 7, 2019

Topics: sister-leaders, religious rings, habit rosaries, making vows vs. taking an oath of office. Hosts: Sr. Maxine, IHM, and Sr. Shannon, OSF.

Ask Sister Podcast

What 800 Catholic sisters talk about

Blog Published: August 21, 2019

The Leadership Conference of Women Religious annual assembly was held last week in Phoenix, Arizona--and A Nun’s Life Ministry was there! 


LCWR Responds

Blog Published: June 1, 2012

The Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR) has issued a public statement today in response to the doctrinal assessment issued by the Vatican Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. It is a powerful statement that reflects the depths of our tradition of religious life and of the church.

NUNDAY – Habits of Change

Blog Published: May 7, 2012

Carole Garibaldi Rogers is an oral historian and a poet. She is also author of Habits of Change: An Oral History of American Nuns (Oxford University Press, 2011). She recently blogged about the current situation involving the Vatican and U.S. Catholic Sisters drawing on her experience conducting interviews with 94 women religious across the United States and across religious communities beginning in the 1990s. Rogers’ message is clear: Get to know the Catholic sisters and nuns who are “behind the controversy”.

IGF022 In Good Faith with filmmaker Mary Fishman

Podcast Recorded: October 24, 2012

IGF022 In Good Faith with filmmaker Mary Fishman, recorded live on October 24, 2012. Produced by aNunsLife.org Ministry. Topics include: the making of the movie Band of Sisters, the sisters’ stories, changing hearts and minds through film.

A Nun

Resource for reflection on doctrinal assessment of LCWR

Blog Published: April 24, 2012

After the Vatican made its announcement about the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR ) last week, many Catholics expressed a desire to learn more about the doctrinal assessment and reflect on its meaning in light of theology, which Saint Anselm described as “faith seeking understanding.”