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Blessings for Pope Francis

Blog Published: March 14, 2013

Share your blessings for our newly elected Pope Francis! When Pope Francis spoke from the portico above St. Peter's Square in Rome yesterday, he invited people worldwide to pray for him. 



AS135 Ask Sister - what the Pope does all day, manly manners, prayerful careful driving, houseplants in the convent

Podcast Recorded: April 14, 2013

AS135 Ask Sister podcast recorded live on April 3, 2013.  

A Nun

Pope Francis on the cult of money: we are not let off the golden hook

Blog Published: May 17, 2013

As I've been reading Pope Francis's words on living in a "cult of money" I found myself agreeing and thinking about the world "out there." After all, with my aforementioned vow of poverty, there's no way I'd be in that cult of money! But is that really the case?

Reflecting on Bluntness - The Joy of the Gospel

Blog Published: August 25, 2014

I decided to take some time to revisit Pope Francis's "joy manifesto" -- the Apostolic Exhortation, The Joy of the Gospel: Evangelii Gaudium (November 24, 2013). I invite you to join me in reflecting on this document and see what it might say to us this day. I am going to take one idea at a time, as it strikes me while I am reading. Today's idea? Bluntness!

Religion questions for extraterrestrials

Podcast Recorded: June 21, 2017

In this Random Nun Clip, Sister Maxine and Almost-Sister Jane talk about the Vatican Observatory and questions they might ask to beings on other planets. Hear the full Ask Sister podcast AS197 on our website.

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The Inaugural Mass Celebration with Pope Francis

Blog Published: March 19, 2013

God bless, Pope Francis! What a wonderful mass as the pope celebrates the liturgy with the whole church and world! We give thanks for Pope Francis's "yes" to our God. Here are some photos from the mass this morning.