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Curling a Nun’s Toes

Blog Published: April 11, 2011

As a Catholic nun, I was not aware that it was possible for anything, let alone a foul word, to curl a nun’s toes. This curling business kind of freaks me out. Not the least reason of which is because I dare not imagine how many toes I unknowingly curled in my earlier days.

IGF008 In Good Faith with Dr. Bren Ortega Murphy

Podcast Recorded: April 11, 2011

IGF008 In Good Faith with Bren Ortega Murphy, PhD, recorded live on April 12, 2011. Produced by aNunsLife.org ministry. The nuns talk with Prof. Murphy about nun images in popular culture, such as Nunzilla, Boxing Nuns, movie nuns and more!

A Nun

A Question of Habit: Images of Catholic Sisters and Nuns

Blog Published: June 29, 2010

The Conference on the History of Women Religious has been great. Yesterday we had a preview of a soon-to-be published document called A Question of Habit: The Curious Image of Nuns in Popular Culture by Dr. Bren Ortega Murphy of Loyola University Chicago. I wrote about A Question of Habit project when it was in its early stages back in 2008 when Dr. Murphy gave a lecture at Loyola.

Monday is now Nunday

Blog Published: September 15, 2008

Last week I started a campaign to change the face of nun imagery on the Internet. Thank you to so many of you who are supportive of this endeavor.

Do women become nuns because they can’t “get a guy”?

Blog Published: March 27, 2008

Too often people assume that nuns are women who couldn’t “get a guy” or who broke up with someone they thought was “the one” and was left with no alternative. Nuns are also stereotyped as sexually repressed, dowdy women who lack passion and care only about piety, cleanliness and order.

Nuns Respond to Boston Ad

Blog Published: January 30, 2008

I’m not a big fan of making fun of nuns. No. In fact I detest stereotypes of nuns. Granted, some folks play with the image of nuns in order to have a little Catholic fun and stoke the nostalgic fires. But many, many of these images of nuns are at best cheap shots and at worst degrading and offensive stereotypes.

Eternally Cool Fashion?

Blog Published: September 7, 2007

... the copy for the ad reads, “Vanity Never Stops” and the images are of “nuns” whose elaborately shaped veils hint at exotic hairstyles beneath the drapery.

A Nun

Stereotypes about Nuns

Blog Published: March 28, 2007

I am regularly asked about stereotypes that people have about nuns and how, prior to becoming a nun myself, those stereotypes were busted for me.