Facing Challenges

AS201 Ask Sister podcast

Podcast Recorded: October 11, 2017

Topics: nunly church leaders, stressed in Heaven, missing Mass, hemmed in by motherhood. Hosted by Sr. Maxine with guest Sr. Carol Inkrott, OSF.


AS199 Ask Sister - saintly double standards, biblical fatty portions for God, default prayers

Podcast Recorded: August 16, 2017

AS199 Ask Sister podcast recorded live. Topics: saintly double standards, biblical fatty portions for God, default prayers, and more! Hosted by Sister Maxine, with guest Sister Shannon Schrein, OSF.  

A Nun

Legacy of hope: 25th anniversary of Sisters martyred in Liberia

Podcast Recorded: July 20, 2017

In this Random Nun Clip, Sister Tarcisia Roths talks about the legacy of the ASC Sisters martyred in the Liberian civil war 25 years ago in October. Hear the full Motherhouse Road Trip podcast from our visit with the Adorers of the Blood of Christ, in Wichita, Kansas.   

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The Fear of Becoming a Nun

Blog Published: May 2, 2017

Not gonna lie. I was kinda scared when I realized God might be calling be to become a nun!

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I feel judged for not kneeling at Mass. What to do?

Podcast Recorded: February 8, 2017

In this Random Nun Clip, a listener feels judged for not kneeling at Mass and wonders what to do. Hear the full Ask Sister podcast at AS193 on aNunsLife.org.

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AS193 Ask Sister - kneeling at Mass, girlfriend advice from God, sisters' names, who's the boss

Podcast Recorded: February 8, 2017

Topics:  Non-kneeler feels judged at Mass. God's advice about girlfriend problems. How sisters get their names. Priests, nuns, bosses.


Lessons from a hero, Carrie Fisher

Blog Published: December 28, 2016

Through her writings, I found the true strength of Carrie Fisher, a royalty that far exceeded Princess Leia's own formidable presence.

A Nun

AS191 Ask Sister - Advent glowsaries light up Ohio, praying to a distant God, grinch-fearing Grandma

Podcast Recorded: December 7, 2016

A new trend aglow in Ohio--the glowsary. Can prayer make God more distant vs. closer? Grandma worries that grandkids have no Christ in Christmas.

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