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How to Discern

How long does it take to discern a call to religious life, and what are some things to consider along the way?

Podcast Recorded: May 1, 2014

This Random Nun Clip is from our Motherhouse Road Trip Podcast with the Oblate Sisters of Providence in Baltimore, Maryland.  Hear the full podcast at AS156.

A Nun

I have some good ideas for my life, but want to be open to where God is calling me. Any advice?

Podcast Recorded: March 10, 2014

In this Random Nun Clip, we talk with Sisters Annette and Carmen about ways to discern God's call in our lives--even when we have our own good ideas of how we want our lives to be! Hear the full podcast at AS154.

A Nun

What if I'm so influenced by other people's ideas about my life that I don't hear God's voice?

Podcast Recorded: September 20, 2013

This Random Nun Clip is from our Motherhouse Road Trip podcast with the Sisters of the Humility of Mary in Villa Maria, Pennsylvania. You can listen to the full podcast at AS147.

A Nun

AS147 Ask Sister - Motherhouse Road Trip with the Sisters of the Humility of Mary, in Villa Maria, Penn.

Podcast Recorded: September 20, 2013

AS147 Ask Sister podcast recorded live on September 20, 2013, in Villa Maria, Pennsylvania. Visit the Motherhouse Road Trip page for all recordings of all of our road trips!

A Nun

A 3-Part Series on Discernment

Blog Published: September 11, 2013

At prayer the other day, a number of folks had asked for prayer as they were in transition and deciding on important next steps in their life. We wanted to post a few resources (including the famed Discernment Chart) to help out when you are discerning and deciding on the next steps in life.

4 Steps for Discernment and Decision-Making

September 11, 2013
In the article What is discernment?, spiritual director Sister Mary McDevitt, IHM, led us through understanding discernment, consolations, and desolations.

The Discernment Chart

September 11, 2013
A Discernment Chart is a graphical way to sketch out where we are with a decision we have to make. The chart can help in seeing where we are drawn, what direction seems most fulfilling, and what steps we need to take.

What Is Discernment?

September 11, 2013
Discerning, making decisions, figuring out what we are called to, and choosing between different directions in life can be a challenge. We invited Sister Mary McDevitt, IHM, a spiritual director and retreat guide, to provide an overview to what discernment is and some practical ways that we can engage in discernment.