How to Make CROSSES from Palms

April 4, 2022

In this #Nunday Video, Linda Fadden--an Associate of the Sisters of St. Francis, Sylvania, Ohio--demonstrates how to make Crosses out of Palms. Great instructional video for your own Palm Sunday creations!

I am the alm

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A new approach to Lent makes a big impact.

penrose triangle

Fasting and gluttony: Is there a connection?

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What is the value of fasting during Lent? Sister Réjane shares her plan for a Lenten fast and the reasoning behind it.

Sister Rejane makes meat-free burritos as part of her Lenten fast from meat and dairy.

AS238 Ask Sister - Our Lady of Lourdes, chocolate vs. chores for Lent, Seven Deadly Sins, crying as a way to pray
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Join Sister Shannon and Sister Maxine for lively conversation in response to listener questions! Topics: Our Lady of Lourdes, chores vs. chocolate for Lent, Seven Deadly Sins, crying as a way to pray.

AS234 Ask Sister – Easter bunny vs. Jesus, prepping for Purgatory, how to know if the rosary is working


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A mural and her community's history inspire S. Réjane Cytacki, SCL to redefine "charity."