Fire up the microphones!

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In 2010, Sr. Maxine and Sr. Julie continued taking listener questioners during the Ask Sister podcast but to give it an interesting twist, they began hosting guest Sisters.

Firing up the microphones by celebrating the first 15 podcasts by A Nun's Life Ministry

A playground of goodness in every blog

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A playground is where we need to go sometimes to be refreshed, so we invite you to climb into our blog vault and rediscover our first 15 blogs that helped launch the ministry!

The first blogs that started A Nun's Life Ministry

In the beginning…there were blogs!

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We all know that “In the beginning there was God”, but did you know that far off in a corner of time there also was...

A Nun's Life Blog vault

The Nuns are shining a spotlight on their podcast beginnings

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A Nun’s Life Ministry started podcasting in 2009 and was the first to produce podcasts entirely by and about Catholic sisters. The very first podcasts were called “Nun News Roundup” and the introduction went like this: “Podcasting live from the convent, this is..."

A Nun's Life Ministry celebrating their podcast beginnings

The Blog Vault just got cracked open

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In celebration of the ministry's 15th Anniversary, the Nuns are cracking open the vault of blogs. We have some oldies you're not going to want to miss!

Opening the Blog Vault at A Nun's Life