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Prayers for Discernment

AS086 Ask Sister – nun and reverend? balancing Facebook and life, battling demons and giants, prayers for discernment

Podcast Recorded: September 29, 2011

AS086 Ask Sister podcast recorded live on September 29, 2011. Sponsored by aNunsLife.org ministry. Topics include: Sister and Reverend Lynne Smith talks about her vocation, balancing Facebook and life, battling demons and giants, prayers for discernment

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A {Real Life} Vocation Prayer

Blog Published: April 17, 2016

Life is real, so is prayer. Join us in praying A {Real Life} Vocation Prayer, and please share with others in honor of National Vocation Awareness Week!

Of Grasshoppers and Choices

Blog Published: February 18, 2008

One of my favorite poems by Mary Oliver … Summer Day

Discernment and Vocation Prayer

Blog Published: February 21, 2008

A fabulous prayer from Thomas Merton. Perfect for when you are discerning how God is calling you in your life.

“Along the Journey to Find What is Yours to Do”

Blog Published: July 14, 2011

In the journey of Discernment (yes, discernment with a capital D) to figure out the big life questions, “Who am I called to be? How I am called to live the Who that God has made me? Where and in what ways I am called to serve and consecrate myself?” we can become surrounded by many inspiring role models and attractive ways of life.

A Nun

National Vocation Awareness Week

Blog Published: January 14, 2013

Today begins National Vocation Awareness Week, an annual celebration of promoting vocations in the Catholic Church in the United States. During the week, it’s a great time to think about how God is calling you to live out your faith!

The work of discernment: "call and dread”

Blog Published: November 16, 2011

The work of discernment sets a challenge before us. We enter a process of choice and decision-making with many aspects to it.  

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