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Small Moments to Choose Life

Blog Published: September 18, 2015

8:07 a.m. I always seem to pick the rainiest days to ride to work. A Nun's Life Ministry HQ is not far from the convent.

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Make Your Life a Prayer

Blog Published: March 11, 2009

Last night I talked with a group of young adult Catholics about prayer — ways to pray in the midst of daily life with all of the activities, pressures, and responsibilities that any given day might hold.

A Rudderless Boat: Images that capture one's faith journey

Blog Published: May 30, 2013

I recently read some scripture commentaries on the story in Exodus about baby Moses being placed in a homemade boat and sent down the Nile River. As intellectually awesome as those were, it was a comment on a Carmelite blog that realy helped me dive into this story as not just an inspiring scripture story but as a the Living Word of God.

When Odious Idols Get the Best of Us

Blog Published: August 27, 2015

The Office of Readings are a little rough today. I should know better than to expect warm and fuzzy from a prophet.

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Hospitality and food insecurity--what's the relationship and what insights can scripture offer us today?

Podcast Recorded: May 28, 2014

This Random Nun Clip is from our conversation with scripture scholar Sister Marion Moeser, OSF, on the In Good Faith podcast. Hear the full podcast at IGF031.

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AS101 Ask Sister – how nuns elect their leaders, congregational leadership positions, the common good, and a myriad of images of God

Podcast Recorded: February 9, 2012

AS101 Ask Sister podcast recorded live on February 9, 2012. Sponsored by aNunsLife.org ministry. Topics include: how nuns elect their community leaders, saying no to nun smear campaigns, the common good, the book of Genesis, varied images of God and more!

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IGF028 In Good Faith with Sister Elizabeth Johnson, CSJ

Podcast Recorded: November 1, 2013

IGF028 In Good Faith podcast with Sister Elizabeth Johnson, CSJ, recorded live on November 1, 2013. Produced by aNunsLife.org Ministry. Topics include: Communion of Saints,  holiness, infinite horizon of God, and more. 

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Ice and Snow, Bless the Lord

Blog Published: December 5, 2007

It’s SNOWING! I’m terribly excited about the snow … we had a little bit on Saturday (I was bike riding as the snow began to fall — see post-ride photo) but last night it really came down. I absolutely love the snow.

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