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Why does God have so many names?

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I used to think that God only had one name. God. Sure, there's the whole Holy Spirit and Jesus the Christ thing, but they are included in the Trinity package. God is God, right? Well, over the course of my life, I've discovered -- to my great delight -- that God has many names!

Nunapalooza: Religious Life is Alive and Well

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The convent was abuzz this weekend with celebrations of all sorts! And not just among my own nuns but it seems it was a nunapalooza for many congregations! My Facebook newsfeed was filled with photos and links and congrats to sisters celebrating their jubilees as well as to women professing vows, being received as novices, and entering as candidates and postulants!

Looking at Social Media via Theology

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The A Nun's Life team is here in San Jose at THEOCOM14 -- awesome, right?? THEOCOM14 is a fabulous intergenerational, international, interdisciplinarian group of theologians and other professionals reflecting on contemporary communication. This year's topic is right down our alley ...

If it doesn't work out with one group of nuns, does it mean I'm not called at all?

Sometimes when a person is discerning a calling to religious life, things don't work out with a particular religious community. But does that mean that the person is not called to religious life at all?

Impatience with a side of God

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I am not gifted with patience, nor have I prayed to have this gift. I know all too well that if I did ask, the Holy Spirit will oblige and give me ample opportunities to "acquire" the gift of patience. Fortunately God does not leave me alone in my questionable decisions -- but it's not patience that God helps me out with!

The Nun and the Graffiti Artist

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I never met a graffiti artist until yesterday. I was biking on a trail which took me beneath a bridge. It's a tough piece of trail to negotiate to begin with and then to pop over the little hill right before the underpass and find someone standing right there with a spray can in his hand ...

A Day in the Life of a Catholic Sister: 3 Common Elements

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What's a day in the life of a Catholic sister or nun? This is a tough question to answer because Catholic sisters and nuns have such a variety of lifestyles, ministries, and callings! Each community has its own distinctive personality and flavor. No two communities -- indeed no two nuns -- are the same!

How to Say YES to a Vocation courtesy of Mary and Star Wars

Vocation inspiration comes from some of the most marvel-filled and strangest places! Follow along with Mary, the Mother of God, and some memorable moments from the classic Star Wars trilogy for guidance on how you can say YES to God!

Windows in a Storm

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... Sometimes I think we hunker down so much when we are in pain or suffering or deal with tough situations that we seal ourselves off from the world -- not allowing the suffering an opening out nor allowing help from outside in ...

What's it like to be on the road with the nuns?

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What's it like to be on the road with the nuns? We are often asked this question when we are gearing up for our Motherhouse Road Trip. Although we joke that we've got Chloe the Convent Cat driving us around in an RV, our travel is more modest but equally filled with adventure!