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Music as a Language of God

It can come as a surprise to find that God can be present with us via a performance by Katy Perry or Yo-Yo Ma....

Signs of Spring

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I finally feel like Spring is here! It's been warm enough for flip-flops -- well almost warm enough! I've got to take the commuter bike into the shop to get a new wheel (current one nearly flew off on my last ride -- no nuns were injured, just a bit surprised).

How do I pray prayers like the Rosary without losing concentration?

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Annabel sent us an email and asked us a question that I know I've tangled with too: How do I successfully pray the Rosary without losing concentration?

Waffles with Our Lady

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Who wouldn't consider waffles a compliment on their feast day?! I think Mary is well pleased. But why waffles on the Annunciation? Inquiring nuns want to know.

No Fainting Princesses, Please

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Living in a women's religious community within the broader tradition of religious life, I take for granted having role models who are women. As I watched the movie Hunger Games: Catching Fire last night, I was grateful that the entertainment industry is offering more roles (especially for young people) that portray strong women leaders -- not fainting princesses.

It's no mystery why nuns make history!

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As we continue our celebration of National Catholic Sisters Week, we invite you to be part of our History Nun project on Pinterest. We've got some great photos pulled from convent archives from across the country featuring Catholic sisters and nuns.

Come along online with the Nuns to National Catholic Sisters Week!

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We want YOU to come along with us! We know you all can't be in sunny Minnesota this week for the launch, so why not join us online?!

National Catholic Sisters Week

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We are thrilled that Catholic sisters and nuns will be honored during Women's History Month and delighted to be part of the launch. A Nun's Life Ministry will be taking a road trip out to Saint Kate's and will be engaging with you on social media throughout the launch weekend.

Happy Mother Superiors' Day

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Today is Presidents' Day in the United States, a day where we celebrate George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and all who have served as U.S. president. On this day, I can't help but think of the President who has been such a source of encouragement and leadership in my own life...

Extreme Makeover: Gift Shop Edition!

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The Gift Shop at A Nun's Life has a great new look! Although there was no surprise visit from an ABC film crew, Chloe the Convent Cat showed up to direct the reconstruction!