A Nun’s Life podcasts are live-streaming programs about prayer, faith, community, spirituality, and many other topics. During the live broadcast, you can interact with other listeners and with us in the chat room. We podcast every weekday at 5 p.m. Eastern, with a few exceptions (e.g., holidays). Click here for the LIVE Podcast Schedule. Past episodes of Ask Sister and In Good Faith as well as Random Nun Clips are on our website. 

Ask Sister

How can I deepen my faith? How can prayer help me in everyday life? What’s it like to be a nun? On the Ask Sister podcast, we respond to listeners’ questions on topics like these and many others. A variety of guest sisters join us on air. Listeners join us too, via the live chat room. We bring their comments and questions into the conversation, leading to lively discussion. We welcome your questions for Ask Sister. You can submit them on our website and Facebook. Ask Sister airs monthly on Wednesdays--check the program schedule for specific dates!

In Good Faith

In Good Faith is a live interview-style program featuring guests who are nationally known for their ministry in spirituality, religious life, and discernment. Guests have included theologians such as Sister Sandra Schneiders, IHM, and Father Robert Barron, historian Margaret Susan Thompson, and author Father James Martin, SJ, among many others. In Good Faith airs monthly on Wednesdays--check the program schedule for specific dates!

Praying with the Sisters

Praying with the Sisters is an opportunity to reflect on the Scripture of the day and to share prayer requests and prayers of thanksgiving with women and men from around the world. The podcast is broadcast live all weekdays except on Wednesdays when Ask Sister or In Good Faith airs.

Random Nun Clips

Random Nun Clips are short audio segments chosen at random from our full-length podcasts. So when you need a quick spiritual uplift, listen to an audio clip now--and catch the full episode later!  We add new clips regularly, so visit the episode page often for the latest ones available!