A Nun's Life Ministry is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit funded by its followers who want to grown in their faith and experience the joy and fulfillment of living into their calling from God. A Nun's Life Ministry will be able to continue to serve the needs of its growing online community only through gifts from individuals from people like you.

How will you use my gift? 

Your donation makes it possible for a A Nun's Life to continue providing a compassionate, welcoming presence online through blog posts, livestreaming podcasts, social media, live chat, and more. Our team includes writes and theologians to create a steady flow of online content. We also need occasional support from an accountant, flimmaker, website designers, and technology consultants. And we still have all of the mundane bills that you do, especially rent, utilities, WiFi, and of course--coffee.

How will you use my personal information?

The donation form is safe and secure! We will not share your information with other organizations.

What difference does it make?

Each month over 50,000 people from over 150 countries engage with the A Nun's Life online community.

In a 2015 survey,

  • More than half of A Nun's Life followers shared that A Nun's Life supported them in spiritual growth strengthened their relationship with God, and put them more in touch with their own faith.
  • More than half of discerners following A Nun's Life said that this interaction helped them make an informed, educated, and prayerful decision about entering religious life.
  • Over 70% of those surveyed gained a better understanding of Catholic sisters and nuns..

But, impact isn’t measured only by numbers. It lies in the individual stories told by thousands of people journeying together in this engaging online community.

"A Nun's Life is a real community. We are able to share our joys and sorrows and questions about religious life, our faith, and our relationship with God. I often refer women to A Nun's Life when I hear that they are discerning a call or are looking for a connection. I pray that this incredible ministry continues to grow. The sisters are filling a deep need that is out there."

-- Christine from Canada

“I became a regular at A Nun’s Life over a year ago when I heard my first Ask Sister podcast. I loved the candid nature and amicability that I saw between the sisters and the online community present in the chatroom. Although a lot of the ministry that occurs at A Nun’s Life is online, this is much more than a ‘virtual’ community. This is a group of men and women who have become a real-life prayer partners, friends, and confidantes.”

-- KC from North Carolina

“In the middle of worrying about a major business decision, I heard A Nun’s Life Random Nun Clip about doubt.  Precious Blood Sister, Della Meyer, said, ‘Just keep showing up. Don’t discontinue that doubt and you will find out if you are going in the right direction.’   Her words of encouragement reminded me to stay present in prayer and await the answer on where God wants me.”

-- Jennifer from Ohio