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A Nun’s Life is about just that--LIFE--and how to live it fully in light of the Gospel! Here at aNunsLife.org, people from around the world gather to explore God’s calling in their lives. 

Our Mission

We help people discover and grow in their vocation by engaging questions about God, faith, and religious life. We do this by connecting Catholic sisters with a vibrant online community around finding meaning and joy in everyday life. 

Who Visits A Nun’s Life

At aNunsLife.org, you’ll meet people of all ages, spiritual persuasions, and cultures, offering diverse perspectives to nurture our own lives and relationships with God.

And even though A Nun’s Life Ministry isn’t just for nuns, you’ll find lots of sisters and nuns here, from a wide variety of congregations. You’ll meet people in other forms of consecrated life too, such as hermits, religious brothers, and consecrated virgins. The traditions of consecrated life have thrived for centuries, and they offer food for thought for everyone on spiritual journey today!

In a Nutshell

A Nun’s Life Ministry was founded by Catholic Sisters Maxine Kollasch and Julie Vieira in 2006. We believe that each person is called by God to a vocation that enriches the individual and the world. We believe that the centuries-old tradition of religious life in areas such as discernment, spirituality, and prayer can assist people who are exploring their calling.


  • Connect with Catholic sisters and nuns who are passionate about living God’s mission.
  • Got questions? We take them on our monthly Ask Sister show.
  • How do sisters from different congregations live? Check out the Motherhouse Road Trip series, where we visit with sisters from across the country for a livestreaming podcast.
  • For short interviews with sisters on lots of topics, check out the #Nunday video series
  • Talk it up with the nuns on our “Nun Talk” blog with topics ranging from real-life spirituality to our “adventure nun” stories!
  • Support A Nun's Life -- this ministry is a charity that relies on people just like you for support!
  • Check out resources about spiritual living, Catholic sisters and nuns, and other subjects under the Topics tab!

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