Unity in community

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Peace in our world can only come when we nurture peace within ourselves.

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A {Real Life} Vocation Prayer

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Life is real, so is prayer. Join us in praying A {Real Life} Vocation Prayer, and please share with others in honor of National Vocation Awareness Week!

National Vocation Awareness Week

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It's National Vocation Awareness Week, an annual celebration of promoting vocations in the Catholic Church in the United States. During the week, it’s a great time to think about how God is calling you to live out your faith!

How is God Calling You?

The rosary road map

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A listener asks what role the rosary played in the Nuns’ vocation journey, and what role it plays in their current prayer life. Listen to find out!

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The work of discernment: "call and dread”

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The work of discernment sets a challenge before us. We enter a process of choice and decision-making with many aspects to it.