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How to Become a Nun

How did you find your Community?

August 12, 2019

In this #Nunday video, Sister Amy Taylor, FSPA, shares how she found her religious community and how she felt the fit was right.

Sister Amy Taylor, FSPA

Sister Rita Godhino, CSC

August 8, 2019
God often uses people in our lives to speak to us, to meet us where we are in life. Read how Sister Rita felt God calling her to something new.
Sister Rita Godhino, CSC

AS223 Ask Sister

Podcast Recorded: August 7, 2019

Topics: sister-leaders, religious rings, habit rosaries, making vows vs. taking an oath of office. Hosts: Sr. Maxine, IHM, and Sr. Shannon, OSF.

Ask Sister Podcast

Sister Mary Therese Krueger, PVBM

August 3, 2019
"What are you waiting for?" asked one of the sisters at the 'Dubuque's Got Sisters' weekend that I was attending for the third time. These words hit home as I found myself without an answer.

Becoming an Oblate Sister of Providence

June 24, 2019

Sister Marcia Hall talks about the surprising call to religious life as an Oblate Sister of Providence.

A Nun

Ji Choi, Candidate

June 5, 2019
Searching for true happiness, Ji Choi realized her heart held the clarity, the direction and the voice of God.

Sister Elise Cholewinski, OSF

April 9, 2019
Can Jesus say of me--"There isn't a thing she wouldn't do for me."
Sister Elise Cholewinski, OSF

Ursuline Sisters

Trip Date: March 21, 2019

We are visiting the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville, Kentucky!

A Nun