Advent: quiet amid the chaos

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Advent is a season of quiet recollection -- despite the chaos of holiday planning.

woman enjoys the wonder of snowfall

Should I celebrate when good things happen to other people ... and not to me?
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Should Christians rejoice in student loan forgiveness – even if it doesn’t benefit them? The Nuns discuss!

two friends embrace joyfully

Bringing God out from the culture
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Her theology studies and her own Catholic faith have helped Sr. Trish Doan see that God can’t be imposed on a culture – He’s already present in every culture.

Madonna and child depicted in different cultures

AS238 Ask Sister - Our Lady of Lourdes, chocolate vs. chores for Lent, Seven Deadly Sins, crying as a way to pray
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Join Sister Shannon and Sister Maxine for lively conversation in response to listener questions! Topics: Our Lady of Lourdes, chores vs. chocolate for Lent, Seven Deadly Sins, crying as a way to pray.

AS234 Ask Sister – Easter bunny vs. Jesus, prepping for Purgatory, how to know if the rosary is working

Why is gluttony a sin?
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A listener is puzzled why gluttony is included among “the seven deadly sins.” The Nuns discuss!

A man suffers a stomachache after overeating