What does it mean to stand at the foot of the Cross?

March 15, 2021

Standing at the foot of the cross causes one to ask the deeper questions about life and calling. Vocation Directors help people understand those deeper questions that are part of God’s plan.

Sister Laura Zelten, OSF

How is congregational support important when taking risks to start a new ministry?

March 8, 2021

In this #Nunday video, Sister Laura Kelly, CSM, reflects on the risks and challenges of starting a new ministry and how important the support of her congregation was to her.

The importance of community support when making challenging decisions for new ministry.

Haste doesn't always make waste!

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After having an incredible encounter with the Angel Gabriel, Mary went with haste to visit her cousin, Elizabeth, and to share her story. We, too, often get an intuition that God is stirring within and we need to respond with our whole being!

Reflection on Mary and Elizabeth's visitation

The gift and challenge of Authority

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What does authority have to do with Advent joy and hope, anyway? When one rightly uses authority, they raise up others; they magnify the other’s gifts, they see God present in them. What’s your “authority” story?

Personal Authority

Seeing is believing!

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The power of God is as present today as it was centuries ago. What remarkable things have you seen today? What is your response?

Seeing with eyes of Faith