Celebrating Earth Day every day

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The Religious of the Sacred Heart have responded to the climate crisis by reflecting on their constitution through the lens of JPIC.

As justice, peace, and integrity of creation (or JPIC) coordinator of the Indian Province since 2012, Sr. Mudita Menona Sodder was part of an international JPIC meeting in 2018 in the Philippines, with 62 participants from 42 countries. She arrives for the meeting in this photo, after having chemotherapy the previous day. (Courtesy of Mudita Menona Sodder)

Elements of creation at the altar

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A meditation on three facets of creation that have been incorporated into our liturgical rituals.

Holy water is poured over a baby's head as she is baptized.

Laudato Si': Praise Be to You, God!

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The simple pleasure of encouraging a garden to grow can help us grow closer to God.

community garden

IGF052 In Good Faith with Sister Réjane Cytacki, SCL, A Nun's Life Ministry

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In August 2021, Sister Rejane Cytacki joined A Nun's Life Ministry as executive director, succeeding Sister Maxine Kollasch. Together they have been working on the transition of leadership for that ministry--and Sister Rejane has been publishing blog posts at anunslife.org, interacting with the A Nun's Life community on social media, and getting to know the community through Facebook Live events like Praying with the Sisters. Here she is making her podcast debut! Sister Rejane is a Sister of Charity of Leavenworth, Kansas, and prior to A Nun's Life Ministry, she served as executive director of the Eco-Justice Center for the Racine Dominicans in Racine, Wisconsin Before that, she served in environmental education and campus ministry at the University of St. Mary in Leavenworth. She has also taught elementary education in Kansas and Colorado.

In Good Faith with Sister Rejane Cytacki, SCL

Salting the fleas

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Sister Pat describes one of her favorite adventures with housemate (and podcast host!) Sister Rejane. Guest: Sister Pat Johannsen.

Salt is an environmentally friendly way to eradicate fleas.