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Welcome to our Online Community!

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Welcome to our online community!

Explore the website, ask questions, offer insight about God's calling in your life!

After suffering through an accident that could have ended her life…

Nothing is more important today than humanity's transformation from species to a communion.

After spending some time away from church, a listener wonders if God is annoyed with her -- and if her fellow parishioners will judge her when she…

So has it happened yet? Have you heard your call to awake from sleep? A new day is dawning!

A listener wonders what it means to "unite our suffering with Christ's," but is afraid to ask her pastor. The Nuns discuss!

I recently watched the BBC wildlife series Planet Earth. It's a breathtaking survey of the diversity of life on our planet. I loved the strange…

The Nuns discuss their plans for Holy Week.

How to Become a Nun

Sisters at Serran Celebration

Discerning a vocation? Click on the photo to discover resources on how to become a Catholic Sister.

Sisters of the Holy Cross

sister teaching children

September 14th is the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross. Celebrate with the Holy Cross Sisters on their feast day!



Who We Are

Who We Are

Welcome to A Nun's Life Ministry online. We're in the cloud, but totally down to earth!